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Welcome to the site of the public organization "Alcesta" for support of talented young scientists!

In difficult times, when problems became more and more, when life gets more complicated, and its duration – shorts, when many people, especially among the youth, begin to live one day, we all need to unite in order to bring Ukraine to a higher level of development.

We choose youth

The youth in Ukraine is the main driving force of the progress in our country. The current generation undergoes great and hard ordeals. Especially it concerns young scientists. However, during the period of formation of Ukraine as a European country there have been positive developments: youth social, public, political, professional and other organizations.

The public organization "Alcesta" is a part of a group of companies «Victoria Veritas» («VV»), practicing an innovative approach to medicine and science in general and actively cooperates with all of these and other organizations to realize their goals.

The group of companies «VV» includes an R&D center "Veritas", the Clinic of Ulyana Lushchyk, a center for innovative medical technologies "Veritas IT Med", as well as the public organization "Alcesta."

Our main activities are aimed at solving the most pressing issues:

in the field of medicine – treatment of cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric diseases, integrated


in the field of medical law – improving the quality of health care and medical services via development of medico – legal relationship between patients and healthcare professionals to ensure the provision of professional and high quality care;

in the field of scientific management – identification of ways to commercialize intellectual property (from idea to product of intellectual or industrial product);

application of talent – management concerning promising young scientists;

application of innovative management for introduction of new medical technologies and expanding the list of medical services.

Objectives of the activity

- implementation of social programs to support scientists for development of Ukrainian science, medicine, advanced medical technologies and medical law;

- interest young scientists to inherit the best national scientific traditions and implement them in life;

- broad public discussion of topical issues of domestic science in general and medicine in particular, introduction of the latest trends in medicine and improve medical equipment, the development of medico-legal relations, the active introduction of the scientific, innovation and talent management in all areas.

We seek to work with businesses, government and nongovernmental organizations and talented young people in various projects related to science and innovation.

Let’s work together!