Scientists: the human brain does not get old Print
 As demonstrated by three-dimensional scanning, the human body can withstand the aging process. People underestimate the capabilities of your brain. According to scientists from the University of Chicago in the human brain enormous potential and is a "source of eternal youth." Yes, in certain conditions and healthy living condition of the brain 70-year old man is the same, maybe even better than the 30-year-old man.
As demonstrated by three-dimensional scanning of the brain, the human body can withstand the aging process. In fact, over the years, only the brain develops. This applies particularly to continuous improvement in a number of areas related to intellectual activity.
Therefore, the brain of an elderly person is better at some tasks than the brain young. Identify the specific location of the "fountain of youth" brain scientists have not yet succeeded. There is reason to believe that an important role is played by heredity, genetic characteristics and active lifestyle.
But David Spector from the Royal Melbourne Hospital believes that the deterioration of the brain - the inevitable aging process. Right now the norm and consider pathology associated with Alzheimer's disease. The original article has a link to a selection of articles about people who will never grow old.