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Gender equality refers to the equal valuing of the roles of women and men. It works to overcome the barriers of stereotypes and prejudices so that both sexes are able to equally contribute to and benefit from economic, social, cultural and political developments within society. When women and men have relative equality, economies grow faster and there is less corruption. When women are healthy and educated, their families, communities and nations benefit.

 Who works better a man or a woman?
Situation which now prevailed in our country, as well as stereotypes about the capabilities of the professional realization of young girls and women, putting the limit of various nature. In particular, this is a lack of access to the mechanisms of decision-making at the national level and in certain social spheres, as well as at some enterprises.
To achieve gender equality in society specific measures should be taken in the domestic companies: regardless of gender and family status of a worker, and pay a fair and equal wages, to define a clear schedule, provide opportunities for professional and carrier growth, ensure safe and flexible working conditions, prevent discrimination and violence in the workplace, etc.
LLC "Victoria" Veritas has received the Gold Award “The best employer – 2010» in the category "Enterprise with the number of employees from 1 to 20”.
The management and employees of LLC “Victoria Veritas” are making considerable efforts to the implementation of gender equality and struggle against discrimination of workers for the sex or family status. The organizers has noted "equal opportunities: best employer-2010".