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Heart health depends on the profession Print E-mail
Italian scientists have concluded that the cardiovascular system condition can be affected not only by genes and the way of life, but also by the occupation, reported portal
The researchers examined the relationship between the profession and the risk of development of coronary pathology. The experiment involved volunteers without cardiovascular diseases. They were observed for 10 years.
The results of studies that take into account all factors have shown that administrators have the risk of developing coronary pathologies on 81% higher than people exclusively of mental work. Employed in physical labor and those contracted (lawyers, advisors), indicators made up 57% and 58% respectively.
Monotone, constant strain due to high competition, fatigue after a working day are reasons for the high risk of heart disease in administrators, lawyers and people employed in heavy physical work.
Also, scientists from the Swedish Karolin Institute concluded that the surgical removal of the tonsils or appendices in childhood or adolescence leads to increased risk of heart attack in adulthood.
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