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Project of Meteolaboratory

Now we are working under a new project and are looking for a partner for creation of a meteolaboratory (stationary and an individual biological watch) for control and appropriate protection of the human organism against critical states (stroke, epileptic seizure, infarction) with feedback effect.


Сardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases got the first places among causes of mortality and invalidisation of World population. The high level of cardiovascular diseases stipulates for the necessity in performing of protecting prophylactic control in case of early signs of vascular injuries and disbalance.

59% people are meteodependent among almost healthy people.

Critical states in almost healthy people are connected with inadequate reaction of the organism to changes of meteofactors. The timely and appropriate prevention of critical states enables a patient to make some preventing measures for avoidance of critical states in the organism (stroke, infarction, epileptic seizure). And thus, it returns a human into the background convenient state and makes possible to avoid serious disturbances in the organism, which quite often cause death and deep invalidisation of patients.

Essence of the project:

The project of the meteolaboratory is for investigation of peculiarities of an influence of meteofactros’ changes on health and hemodynamic changes in the human organism. We have revealed number of regularities of physiological and pathological changes in hydro- and hemodynamic parameters in the human organism under influence of meteofactors’ changes, namely atmosphere pressure, air moisture, air temperature, magnetic field.

1. Development of a stationary meteostation with an effect of the feedback, which is adapted to certain parameters of a personality.

2. Development of an individual biological watch with software for processing of initial meteo- and medical information, analyzing the situation every minute and warning a patient about possible troubles in functioning of hydro-hemodynamic system in his organism.

Application of results obtained from the project:

Меdical institutions from an ambulatory of a family doctor up to resuscitation departments for stationary monitoring of troubles in the living system and dynamic control of the treatment efficiency.

Іndividual biological watch urgent necessity for people at the age over 40 for prevention of insults and other critical states that can cause serious disturbances and invalidisation of the organism.

Benefits of prophylactic measures always exceed expenditures for treatment of irreversible injuries in vitally important organs.

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