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Legal Support Skills Formation of Healthcare Providers

Legal Support Skills Formation of Healthcare Providers’ Treatment and Diagnostic Practice

Formation of human rights and jural tendencies in the society within “healthcare worker-patient” relations during the treatment and diagnostic process initiates an urgent necessity in explaining to doctors and nurse practitioners jurisprudence fundamental principles on medical law and the need to employ written documents, which regulate relations between a patient and healthcare providers in the process of diagnostics and treatment.

§ Holding seminars and medical public trainings in regions is provided during the project implementation term;

§ Creation, publication, and distribution of methodical recommendations on the medical treatment regulating with algorithms of formation and registration of legal documents, which reflect relations conditions between a doctor and a patient, a doctor and a nurse, and a doctor and a medical institution.

§ Writing methodology with reflection the most relevant issues of the healthcare providers and patients interests conflict, argumentation and motivation of the necessity of the medical practice legal support is provided during the project implementation term;

§ Results, expected from the project implementation, are forming ultimate fundamental principles in the legal support of the state and private doctors medical practice;

§ Which donor organizations this project has already been submitted to and who has already provided the financial support to itthe project has been started within the work of the scientific and medical centerIstynaincluding publication in the scientific and medical sources and holding discussion clubs inside the Center;

§ Finances and their sources needed for the project implementationfrom the budget of the scientific centerIstyna” - $ 5 000;

§ Another organizations, which will be involved into the project implementationKyiv scientific centerIstyna”.


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1 Legal Support Skills Formation of Healthcare Providers