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З 8 березня! Print E-mail
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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2012 Print E-mail

Heart health depends on the profession Print E-mail
Italian scientists have concluded that the cardiovascular system condition can be affected not only by genes and the way of life, but also by the occupation, reported portal
The researchers examined the relationship between the profession and the risk of development of coronary pathology. The experiment involved volunteers without cardiovascular diseases. They were observed for 10 years.
The results of studies that take into account all factors have shown that administrators have the risk of developing coronary pathologies on 81% higher than people exclusively of mental work. Employed in physical labor and those contracted (lawyers, advisors), indicators made up 57% and 58% respectively.
Monotone, constant strain due to high competition, fatigue after a working day are reasons for the high risk of heart disease in administrators, lawyers and people employed in heavy physical work.
Also, scientists from the Swedish Karolin Institute concluded that the surgical removal of the tonsils or appendices in childhood or adolescence leads to increased risk of heart attack in adulthood.
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Gender equality Print E-mail
Gender equality refers to the equal valuing of the roles of women and men. It works to overcome the barriers of stereotypes and prejudices so that both sexes are able to equally contribute to and benefit from economic, social, cultural and political developments within society. When women and men have relative equality, economies grow faster and there is less corruption. When women are healthy and educated, their families, communities and nations benefit.

 Who works better a man or a woman?
Situation which now prevailed in our country, as well as stereotypes about the capabilities of the professional realization of young girls and women, putting the limit of various nature. In particular, this is a lack of access to the mechanisms of decision-making at the national level and in certain social spheres, as well as at some enterprises.
To achieve gender equality in society specific measures should be taken in the domestic companies: regardless of gender and family status of a worker, and pay a fair and equal wages, to define a clear schedule, provide opportunities for professional and carrier growth, ensure safe and flexible working conditions, prevent discrimination and violence in the workplace, etc.
LLC "Victoria" Veritas has received the Gold Award “The best employer – 2010» in the category "Enterprise with the number of employees from 1 to 20”.
The management and employees of LLC “Victoria Veritas” are making considerable efforts to the implementation of gender equality and struggle against discrimination of workers for the sex or family status. The organizers has noted "equal opportunities: best employer-2010".
Meeting of the medical club on the topic of ' spirituality: excursus of holy places ' Print E-mail
February 15, 2011 at the initiative of the public organization «Alcesta» at the R&D Centre "Veritas," was a meeting of the health club  of the Lviv Society. The theme of the evening-photopresentation was "spirituality: excursus of holy places". 
Ulyana Lushchyk made the presentation, and it was so interesting that we were there with our body and soul, experienced uniqueness of saint places. Each of the participants could express their views and to express the impression of the seen and heard. Our journey began with the Holy Land Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nazareth, baptized in the River Jordan, in Temple of Lord’s Grave, washed with the sacred fire. Visited France, the city of L?rd, where saw the love of neighbor and felt the spirit of unity, that is the first step to spirituality and the cognition of the truth. We didn't forget about Italy too, where we had an opportunity to touch the relics of Nicholas, who are in the city of Bari. 
And Russia was not left unnoticed, where we visited D?veyyvskiy convent, which was glorified by ascetic St. Serafim Sarovskyy, had healed in bathes. There is no place like home! Our journey ended in Ukraine and its shrines-Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra; Pochayv and Lake of Saint Anne, where temperature is always +8, in the summer it is not heated, in the winter without freezing; Svyatog?rsk Lavra; Golosyyvsky desert and its ascetic mother Al?p?ya; saw the wonder-working icons which have the ability to make peace and miracles.
Spirituality is the manifestation of the inner world of the man, the ability to the creation of the spiritual world, to self-improvement.
So let us strive for the highest!
All-Ukrainian law school on intellectual property rights (24-26 April 2008) Print E-mail
On 24-26 April 2008 the Odessa students' branch of the Association of workers has organized the all-Ukrainian law school on intellectual property rights.
To participate in the school were selected: Lecturer of international Solomon University, General Director of SMCUSMD  “ Istyna ” – Lushchyk Ulyana, as well as with the International Solomon University, employee physician-lawyer in SMCUSMD “ Istyna” - Bedenko Elena Anatolievna.

The participation in school has gone quite successfully. On the scientific field of intellectual property rights in the school actual rights of the field were considered, and also the materials for the further implementation of the knowledge in intellectual property.

II All-Ukrainian conference on medical law (17-18 April 2008) Print E-mail
17-18 April 2008 in Lviv took place the 2ND National Conference on medical law took place with international participation: “ the medical law of Ukraine: legal status of the patients in Ukraine and its governing ”.  In the Conference Director of SMCUSMD  “Istyna” – Lushchyk Ulyana and doctor-lawyer of SMCUSMD "Istyna” -Bedenko Elena Anatolievna participated. There were also representatives of other countries: 15 people from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Czech Republic, America.
At the Conference were considered the right of doctors in jural relationships of doctor-patient. Ulyana Lushchyk presented materials by analyzing the current legislation in the field of the rights of the doctor. Bedenko Elena covered the drug problem and the evolution of medical science on this subject in the medical, social, historical, ethical, and religious aspects.
In the Conference when discussing topical issues they made conclusions regarding the separation of medical law in a specific branch of law, as well as the need in modern society to introduce the teaching of the subject matter of this law in educational and medical institutions.

Ukrainian fat day in Hannover Print E-mail
On the initiative of the delegation from the Center “Istyna” at the exhibition Cebit in Hanover was held a day of Ukrainian fat in Hanover. Representatives of other delegations could ensure in practice that this product did not traditionally was one of the most beloved.

Cebit-2008 - Exhibition of informative technologies in Hannover (4-9 March 2008) Print E-mail
4-9 March 2008 in Hanover, Germany in the delegation of the Academy of Sciencesthe employees of the Center "Istyna" took part in the international exhibition of information technologies Cebit 2008 and represented the newest technology: smart optic capillaroscope.

For the considerable contribution in the field of information technology in medicine – the developer of the technology and methodology of smart capillaroscope were awarded a diploma.
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