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Patent of the State Patent Office of Ukraine № 67707 А on 31.12.03 “Method of assessment of the regional architectonics

We have developed an assessment method for the regional angioarchitectonics. It comprises the transcranial visualization and investigation of a caliber of cerebral arteries with the help of the magneto-resonance angiography (MRA) and the ultrasound angioscanning, which enables additionally to assess a type of laying in the vascular system, type and angle of branching and a level of their tortuousity. Ultrasound angioscanning and MRA show the caliber, the type of branching and parameters of tortuousity of the major arteries in the neck and the head. The capillaroscopy demonstrates the embryonic type of the capillaries’ formation and the condition of their blood filling.

The echocardiography data say for the sufficiency of the pumping function of the myocardium for providing the necessary pressure gradient for blood moving. The dopplerography finds dominating pathohemodynamic shifts in the functioning of the hemodynamic system. That is why it is necessary to perform an integrated application of these methods for obtaining the comprehensive information about the condition of the brain vessels as the closed entire system.

Only the combination of data obtained from various investigation methods regarding their own characteristics and the analytical approach to the analysis of the obtained data is a justification for a comprehensive prognostication of a cerebrovascular pathology tendency.