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2011 – a year of global health! Print E-mail

World Health Organization has defined the year 2011 as a year of global health.

Health – this is not the absence of disease or disability, it is a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.

The economic crisis has become truly global, it has affected virtually all countries and all spheres of life, and the consequences, certainly, can impact on the humanity heath in general.

Physical health depends on many material factors – employment, have a roof over your head, good nutrition, education, etc. In some countries measures for stimulation the economy hit directly on the people health, for example, through reducing payments for health insurance or building fewer new clinics.

Therefore, a truly global approach to the recovery of the world economy in general and the economy of a particular country, in particular, when the life of the people and the financial security of their welfare is centered, requires much more effective anti-crisis systems than those used today. And this is to realize that PEOPLE are an important and invaluable element, which will help to restore the economy, therefore realization and the rise of moral values is of huge importance.

To help our planet become healthy, we should start first with ourselves, with each of us! And treat our souls, because without a soul there is no personality, no personality no progress of civilization, without motion there is no life. A person, who does not pay attention to his inner world, will not be able to overcome an illness, get well, and be healthy and happy.

«Know thyself! "– these words engraved on a column at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo in the Greek city of Delphi, the slogan of a philosophical doctrine, which is grounded on the vision that world cognition through the themselves cognition, their abilities and aspirations. The teachings of the ancient Greek philosophers today can be interpreted as self-knowledge is of great importance to penetrate into the mysteries of nature and the world.

The man has to reveal his spiritual "I", seek to understand the spiritual world. Then he will be able to become self-sufficient and live in harmony and the inseparable unity of the Universe, and therefore will be healthy.

So let we care about the purity of our souls, to have the healthy body and the healthy Planet!