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The main treasure of every company is people who work for it. 
Manpower is the driving power of business, their knowledge and experience are one of the most important competitive dominations.
First, a definition “talent management” was used by American “McKinsey & Company” during labor market research in 1997: “Talent management” is a company’s activity that gives the possibility to use investing in talented personnel in the branch of middle and high management”. 
Though a talented colleague is considered to be a real godsend to any company, in reality working with talents, promoting their rising and professional development, directing their activity for a company’s good is beyond many people’s power.
For the successive talent management work it is absolutely necessary:
•the serious support of high management team 
•creating a group of talent experts with the participation of directors or top management in which all departments’ representatives should be included. 
•Moreover, at every stage of the process line managers’ support is important.
•Line managers have to take responsibility for the process management, identifying and developing talents in their own departments but they must also be motivated to see a talent as a corporate resource but not the resource of their own department. 
Talent Management Cycle
Talent management promotes organization image improvement and “brand” support as an employer at the labor market and also helps to attract new employees and save present human resources. 

Talent management is a dynamic process which must be regularly reviewed in order to meet the organization needs dictated by constantly changing organization priorities.  Organization’s successive work serves as the most effective talent management evaluation.